For PLayers

Tough Starts Here:  4 Techniques to Developing Mental Toughness

What do members of the Special Operations units and elite athletes have in common?  Strength?  Size?  Physical talent?  Dedication to training? Perhaps... but studies have shown that perseverance - one's mental fortitude - is the ultimate predictor of athletic success.  Are your players mentally tough enough to compete in today's increasingly competitive lacrosse world?

Players attending your event will learn first hand the critical mental skills they will need to deal with the stress of today's competition.  In this two-hour session, they'll learn to think like an elite operator, as they discover:

* The four techniques to mental toughness

* How to harness all five of your senses to improve concentration, reduce anxiety and stress, and build confidence

* When to deploy each technique for maximum impact pre-event, during an event, and post-event

* The power of a positive attitude 

Distinguish your event from the rest of the pack and help improve players' chances of success, on and off the field, as they learn to develop the critical habits necessary for sharper focus, confidence, and resiliency. 

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